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Somali Energy Company (SECO) Waa Shirkada KooWaad Xaga Korontada Dalka SOMALIA                                                                                            SOMALI ENERGY Co. Is the Premier Private Energy Company In The Country (Somalia)

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The company responsible for electricity generation and supply in Mogadishu and all installed capacity is thermally fired (diesel). Knowing of that problem Somali Energy Co. provided electric most of the districts of Banadir Region and has made branches as to provide energy security in the region and outskirt of Mogadishu.
It is a well proven fact that electric power builds and beatifies a town. This fact can easily be verified at Somali Energy Company in Mogadishu/Somalia where there are power energy, hard work and lightening most of the city.

If you get light in your home and get Somali Energy you will study and hold the domestic of your house that is what Somali Energy takes responsibility to facilitate and work the societies who are hungry for light.


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